Compared to most supplements that contain synthetic nutrients (at very low costs), Pranin’s products are made from only organic, whole foods. We are careful to use the purest and most nutrient dense, organically grown ingredients from various locations around the world in order to provide high levels of naturally occurring nutrients from the cleanest sources possible.

We also choose to have each batch of our products third party tested at multiple stages to verify nutrient content as well as absence of potential contaminants such as pathogens and heavy metals. We choose to abide by tighter regulations for contaminants, often ensuring much lower amounts than those allowed by current government standards.

As a small Canadian company, we are also impacted by factors such as rising costs of organic ingredients, international exchange rates, certifications, testing and sustainable packaging materials (we use glass jars only), which unfortunately lead to higher retail costs. That being said, our products contain several servings of high quality, organic fruits and vegetables and provide very high levels of naturally occurring nutrients. It would be pricey to obtain the same level of nutrition from a typical grocery store!